We support and accompany your company in order to obtain the authorisation to fly from your civil aviation authority


you need to write a Specific Operational Risk Assessment(SORA)  in order to get an operational authorisation or a Light UAS Operator Certificate from the local  Civil Aviation Authority (FOCA, LBA, Austrocontrol, ENAC, DSAC, etc..). However, you don’t have an aviation background and you are also not familiar with the SORA risk based approach.

UASolutions will accompany you in the journey to assess your operation and to obtain an operational authorisation. At UASolutions, we do have a strong expertise in the SORA and are committed to support companies not only in the authorisation phase but also afterwards whenever you need to change your mission and if you want to deploy elsewhere.   

you need drones regulation specific training

You need to acquire specific knowledge about the drones regulation or the SORA in order to perform your risk assessments or you are a CAA that would like to train its personnel to assess SORAs or LUCs requests.

We offer the right trainings to train your personnel on the topics relevant to your operations and are committed to help you understand the requirements of the SORA.  

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