Introducing the Brand-New DJI FlyCart 30 Delivery Drone

DJI is very well known among drone owners as a company that dominates the market with high-quality consumer drones. And now they have decided to enter the delivery market with their newest model DJI FlyCart 30 delivery drone.
DJI FlyCart 30 delivery drone

The fresh on-the-market DJI delivery drone has a 4-axis and 8-propeller multi-rotor architecture. Its maximum carrying weight is 30kg with dual batteries, with a maximum range of 16km. With only one battery equipped, the capacity can be increased to 40km.

Let’s Meet the Brand New DJI FlyCart 30 Delivery Drone

Traditionally, up to now, DJI has launched different products aimed at consumers – from agriculture drones to various search and rescue drones. Now, we are witnessing the company’s first dive into the logistics and delivery market, with their DJI FlyCart 30 delivery drone. DJI first delivery drone stands as proof that the company has recognized the needs and pain points of other industries.

So, let’s talk about the DJI FlyCart drone and its details and features. DJI drone delivery has entered the market with a unique architecture, featuring a setup with a 4-axis and 8-propeller multi-rotor. What’s most interesting about the DJI FlyCart 30 delivery drone is that it holds the potential for revolutionizing transportation spanning over rural areas or difficult terrains and in emergencies.

Two Modes of the DJI FlyCart 30 Delivery Drone

The drone’s battery-powered system can haul up to 30kg and travel over distances as far as 16km when fully loaded. When it’s not carrying any cargo, it can cover an impressive distance of up to 28km. It offers two different delivery options – a standard cargo box or a crane/winch mechanism, which makes it adaptable for different needs. As stated by the company, the FlyCart 30 can effortlessly alternate between these two modes, enabling a range of flexible delivery options.

A close-up of a drone in the air similar to the DJI FlyCart 30 Delivery Drone

Versatile Cargo Handling and Advanced Safety Features

The DJI FlyCart 30 delivery drone is equipped with a range of innovative features designed to ease the process of delivery, all while enhancing safety and precision. Its cargo box comes with quick-release and automatic weighing capabilities that simplify the delivery process. Furthermore, it can be assembled or disassembled in a mere three minutes, making the process of loading and unloading highly efficient. On an additional note, the box is engineered to detect both the center of gravity and weight, improving flight safety and stability, with the help of the company’s advanced stabilization technology.

DJI’s FlyCart 30 drone also boasts features seen in its consumer devices, including smart obstacle avoidance from every direction. It also incorporates an ADS-B signal receiver and a built-in parachute, adding to its robust security features. Additionally, it features a winch system that supports cable drop and offers both automatic and manual control. It’s capable of handling retractable weights of up to 40kg and release lengths of up to 20 meters. In addition, the drone includes an AR projection feature, which helps pilots accurately pinpoint delivery locations for goods, ensuring precise delivery. Here are the highlighted key features:

      • Versatile cargo box with quick-release, automatic weighing, and easy assembly/disassembly,

      • Advanced stabilization technology for flight safety and stability,

      • Smart obstacle avoidance, ADS-B signal receiver, and built-in parachute for enhanced security,

      • Flexible winch system supporting cable drop, automatic/manual control, and substantial weights and lengths,

      • AR projection feature for precise delivery location identification.

    The Main Specifications of the DJI FlyCart 30 Delivery Drone

    The table below offers more in-depth information about this new drone.

    Weight when empty42.5kg without batteries, 65kg with dual batteries
    Upper limit weight on take-off95kg with a standard load box and near sea level
    Dimensions (propellers extended, arms extended)Length 2800mm, Width 3085mm, Height 947 mm
    Upper-limit flight distance without cargo28km dual battery, 12km – single battery 
    Upper-limit flight distance with full cargoDouble battery (30kg cargo) – 16km, Single battery (40kg cargo) – 8km
    Upper-limit flight time with full cargoDouble battery (30kg) – 18 minutes, Single battery (40kg) – 9 minutes
    Temperature of operationFrom -20°C up to 45°C
    Upper-limit flight speed (horizontal)20 m/s carrying a cargo of 30kg
    Upper-limit flight altitude6km without any cargo
    Upper-limit wind speed12 m/s carrying a cargo of 30kg
    Transmission of images20 km (FCC)8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)
    4GIt has a 4G Convergence Function, Enhanced module for image transmission, 4G Dongle Models – enhanced module for video transmission
    IP RatingIP55

    The Price and Availability of the New Drone Model

    The initial price for the latest DJI delivery drone is set at $17,000 in China. The basic package includes a FlyCart 30 aircraft, a DJI RC Plus remote controller, two Intelligent Flight Batteries, along with a charging hub and cables.

    Notably, DJI has introduced a novel air transportation cloud platform, DJI Transport, designed to assist with flight planning and multi-machine management. However, for the time being, the DJI FlyCart 30 Delivery Drone isn’t available outside of China. And at this point, it’s uncertain when DJI plans to expand availability to other markets. A broader launch will likely occur in due time.

    DJI FlyCart 30 Drone Offers Global Potential

    DJI’s new type of drone, the DJI FlyCart 30, presents a promising advancement in the drone delivery industry. Equipped with innovative features, it is set to significantly enhance the precision and efficiency of aerial deliveries. The starting price tag in China reflects the robust offerings and advanced technology incorporated in this delivery drone.

    With the launch of the accompanying DJI Transport cloud platform, the company is further enabling flight planning and multi-machine management. While the FlyCart 30 is initially available in China, we can eagerly anticipate its broader rollout to other markets soon, offering new possibilities for efficient and safe drone deliveries worldwide.

    A woman on a beach holding a DJI Mavic Pro drone

    Concerning Drone Regulations in the EU

    In the European Union, drone regulations have been established to ensure the safe and responsible use of drones in the airspace. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has set out drone regulations that classify drones into three categories based on their risk – open, specific, and certified. With the emergence of delivery drones like DJI’s new FlyCart 30, the specific category becomes more and more relevant to fly in cities. If you’re interested in support through the authorization process, compliance with JARUS SORA, and elaborating the required documentation, contact UASolutions, as we are dedicated to democratizing access to the skies and creating value.